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Eviction notice forms or 5 day evition notice

Eviction Law

Tenant eviction is a standard and unfortunately common process these days.

It has a set of rules that every Landlord has to follow. You can let someone move in easily and fast, without a thorough screening, so that you start getting your rent as soon as possible.

But getting that unwanted or non paying person out will take your time and money. Before you let new tenant move in, make sure to check his/her credit. It is very important for the safety of your property and your mind.

It is a statistic that people with better credit tend to be better tenants and have less chances of being a candidates for eviction.

Always do Credit Check first!

If you have tenants who stopped paying you money, but continue to pay you with promises, it is time for <5 day landlord's notice>.

After that it is time for eviction procedures to be started.

Eviction cost

Eviction is one area of law where I practice. I usually charge $750.00 for evictions in my area, and the court clerk will charge you additional money for filing fees. I will do your eviction prompt to get that non paying tenant out of your home and out of your life. So the whole thing will run about $1,000

Paperwork I need

I will need a copy of signed lease if you have one, and a filled-out 5-day notice form, plus the complete payment history for your tenant, since the last time the tenant was current with the rent.

"5 day notice sample"

If you are worried that it takes time to get a tenant out of the home, then imagine how long it will take while you sit thinking about it and doing nothing.

You can start the eviction process, and let your tenant know that you have priorities that are more important than waiting for his/her promises to come true.

Chance to catch up

Tenants can get behind and be unable to pay the full rent, but they rarely can afford to pay zero.

If a tenant is late, let them pay what they are able, but get a signed statement from them each month that they are late, acknowledging exactly how much they owe.

I guarantee you that 100% of the time, if you let a tenant get behind in rent for a few months, and then let the tenant make payments to catch up over another few months, that tenant will pay only a part of the amount he is behind, and then announce that he/she is caught up with the rent.

Every time! No exceptions!

Your only defense in an argument with the tenant in this case is if you get the signed statement of what the tenant owes each month. You will see that each month, he/she will be surprised at the amount he/she owes, and you will need to show him the previous month's signed statement in order to get your tenant to believe that your amount is correct.

Every time!

Landlords commonly want to help tenants who are having financial trouble. If you are a good landlord, you will be able to learn when someone is worthy of your help, and when they instead will just take everything they can get from you without gratitude or appreciation of any sort.

Helping is great but do NOT let your tenant take control and abuse you for your kindness.

If you had enough and decided that there is nothing else you can do to avoid eviction - CALL US to schedule it right now!

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