Reviews from past and current clients

Foreclosure Assistance Services

--"We met Steve and Lana after there was already a foreclosure judgment against our home. We owed about $200,000 more than the home is worth. Unbelievably, for less than $700.00, Steve and Lana got our foreclosure case dismissed, without any payment to the mortgage company, and without any agreement with the mortgage company. We are now living in our home, more than a year later, and we haven't paid any mortgage or taxes. 

We are living in the land of the free, because of Steve and Lana" -- 

A.G. from Burr Ridge, Illinois

-- "Our house was in foreclosure, and worth less than what we owe, by quite a bit. We decided to ask Steve and Lana to do what they can. After a few months, our foreclosure case was dropped, even though we never paid anything, and never agreed to pay anything. Now we are living in the house without paying any mortgage or taxes. We are glad that we met Steve and Lana Cole, and that we decided to work with them. I can't believe that they charged us less than $500.00, to get us years worth of free living in our home."--

B.F. from Glen Ellyn, Illinois 

-- "Steve and Lana took my case when I was already in foreclosure, in February 2009. They charged me $240.00, and it was some of the best money I ever spent. Now it is 2010, and my foreclosure case has been dropped, even though I haven't paid anything for my mortgage. Now I am living free in my home, without paying taxes, mortgage, or anything else. I can't believe what they did for me."-- 

M.J. from Woodridge, Illinois 

--"I didn't believe that Steve and Lana could help me when my investment home was in foreclosure, under construction, and worth about half what I owed on it. But they convinced me to work with them, and they got the mortgage bank to release me from any liability on the mortgage, without costing me anything. They sold the house, and cured a serious financial headache for me.

J.S. from Addison, Illinois

Loan Modification Assistance

-- "Steve and Lana told me that if I fight my foreclosure case, it will encourage the mortgage company to give me a modification. They were right! Steve prepared the documents which we filed, for fighting our foreclosure case, and the bank sent us an offer for a modification of our mortgage loan. We didn't even apply for the modification! 

Thanks Steve and Lana."--

R.Q. from Addison, Illinois 

-- "We applied for a modification in February, and in September the bank was still stroking us along with delays and BS, and no answer. Then we got referred to Steve and Lana, and we stopped talking to the bank about our modification. A month after Steve and Lana got involved, the bank started writing and calling us, demanding that we complete the processing of our modification. 


S.G. from Glendale Hights, Illinois

-- "We decided to try the entire program with Steve and Lana. We had Steve prepare the documents that we filed for fighting our foreclosure case. We also listed our house with Lana. Finally, we hired Steve to do a modification of our mortgage, which seemed like a long shot, based on our income. Next thing you know, our modification is approved! The foreclosure case will be dropped soon. We will cancel the listing as soon as the case is dropped, since it helped us to get our modification, but now we don't need it any more."--

C.B. from Addison, Illinois

-- "We talked with Steve and Lana about how to modify our mortgage and save our home. They told us to fight our foreclosure case, and Steve prepared the documents for us, which we filed. Sure enough, we got our modification within two months, and our foreclosure case has been dropped. I don't know what we would have done without Steve and Lana."--

T.N. from Carol Stream, Illinois 

--"We could not afford our home without a modification, and it seemed like we were not going to get a modification. Steve and Lana helped us to fight our foreclosure case and get the modification. Now we are not going to lose our home."--

D.V. from Roselle, Illinois 

--"We hired Steve to modify our second mortgage. He got our payment lowered to half what it was previously."--

I.M. from Darien, Illinois